The Menkveld Family


The surname 'Menkveld' is a unique name : only one single family on the whole world is bearing this name. As many other surnames in the district Achterhoek in the province Gelderland in The Netherlands, the name is based on a farmname: the Menckvelt. The current writing "MENKVELD" was already used far before 1815 when familynames were officially determined : in the baptismal register of Ruurlo (1670-1732) a "Berendjen te Menkveld" is mentioned as a wittnes of a baptism on December, 4 1687.

A newer version of the above mentioned farm still exists and is situated near the museumfarm "De Lebbenbrugge" at the Lebbinkbeek on the south-east of the town of Lochem south to Zwiep, a region which used to be called "Boschheurne". The farm has a stone tablet with the name MENKVELD. The exact moment on which the occupiers of this Menckvelt-farm started to use the farmname as a surname can not be established. But that ancestors of the current Menkveld family have lived on this farm en that they adopted the name of the farm as their surname, even also after they had left the farm, is a fact. All present members of the Menkveldfamily, wherever they live on this earth, descend from the - till now - oldest known occupier of this farm: HEYNE MENKVELD, who lived there in 1550.