The Menkveld Family

About me

Mij name is Albert Menkveld. I was born on April 22, 1950 at Assen (Dr) in The Netherlands. In 1979 I started with the hobby genealogy and I had a nice start with the help of a relative from Arnhem who already had made a small family-tree. In the past 35 years I collected a lot of data and materials of the Menkveld family, such as data, copies and/or originals of weddingcertificates, weddingpapers, enclosures to weddingpapers, birthcertificates, last wills, obituaries, certificates of qualification, books by or about Menkveld-members, newspaper articles/ advertisements, hundreds of photos and things made by Menkveld-relatives or things with the Menkveld-name on it. The current archive measures several yards (see the photos) and the database in which I fill in the data contains over 25.000 names. The internet also offers lots of new information nowadays. But besides all this material stuff I mostly enjoy/enjoyed the many, many personal stories and meetings I had with the Menkveld-relatives during all these years. I allways was welcomed very warmly and was entrusted with genuine stories of their lives. Many of those are/were so personal and so dear that I only bear them in my menories. I don't put them on paper. The last years social media was added as a source. Thanks to Facebook en Linkedin f.i. I make/made many contacts with relatives in The Netherlands, in Australia, South-Africa, Canada and the United States of America. I will not and can not put all the data and information I collect on the internet. The privacy of the living Menkveld-relatives will be guaranteed. Of course I will gladly try to answer possible questions. Just ask! The hobby continues to fascinate me and the family-puzzle will never be completed. I hope to add lots of new information to the Menkveld records for many more years to come.